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Depak Chopra in "The Return of Merlin" offers a life ontology with which I resonate, ie: A Wizard sleeps deep within all of us, and we should wake that Wizard! The worst curse of life is the quiet desperation which comes from the perceived need for conformity. Most humans live in a hypnosis of social conditioning, terrified of breaking free of the trance. Reality for them is an induced fiction in which humans collectively participate. We can dream a new world into reality. We are gods and goddesses in embryo, if we but embrace our godhood. I am a Consciousness Facilitator , a Solitary Shaman , the URth SHIELD ORACLE, and I want to wake the Wizard!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Washing Your Brain

If you were brainwashed , how would you know?

The brain operates within a band of frequencies.

Self is an aggragate of neurons, firing in a certain pattern. If the pattern is altered , self is altered.

Resonance is an amplification effect, whereas power amplified in small and steady increments, result in an overwhelming power.

There exists an electromagnetic, glomagnetic force in the brain.

An increase in ELF waves can affect brain function.

Geomagnetic fields affect the brain and moods.

Resonance can magnify the field of energy.

ELF affects the neurons in the brain and distorts its magnetic field.

A resonance jump can cause insanity.

A slight distortion of an EM Field will leave one disoriented, confused, and with aberrant behaviour.

A microwave can be a carrier beam for information, if both beams are applied.

If a micrwave beam can pulse in phase with ELF radiation, the affected human will blank. In this " blanked state of consciousness" the affected human will receive the incoming information , but have no recollection of what happened, or of having received it.

This is the scientific explanation for brainwashing.

It is also the reason why instruction received during High Initiations into the Mystery and Esoteric Schools, is seldom remembered by the Initiate....but the Initiate will never fail to carry out said instructions !!!!!

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